Better TogetHER

Activating Allyship to Achieve Gender Equality

Better TogetHER is a free, online program created to educate, support & empower individuals in their gender allyship practices. By increasing awareness & providing actionable steps, Better TogetHER engages everyone in the mission for gender equality.

Course Details

  • The program is self-paced, entirely online, open for pre-enrolments and access at any time, once live.

  • Estimated hours required for completion of the 5 modules is 1.5 - 2 hours .

  • Gain access to methods and frameworks to hold productive dialogues around gender inclusion and equality.

Course Content

  • Module 1

    Let's Get Honest: Participants debunk common gender equality myths, expand knowledge of what an ‘ally’ is & why women need allies in the workplace.

  • Module 2

    Speaking Up: Participants develop an understanding of the first category of allyship: speaking up.

  • Module 3

    Extending Opportunities: Participants will uncover ways in which allies give people opportunities.

  • Module 4

    Change Systems: Participants learn how allies can make their team’s everyday systems and processes fairer and more equitable.

  • Module 5

    Make It Happen: Participants are equipped with a personal action plan to implement acts of allyship in their workplaces.

Course curriculum

    1. Hello & welcome, from The Dream Collective team.

    1. Welcome to Better TogetHER

    1. Module 1: Let's Get Honest

    2. Module 1: Real Voices

    1. Module 2: Active-Allyship Action 1: Speaking Up

    2. Module 2: Real Voices

    1. Module 3: Active-Allyship Action 2: Extending Opportunities

    2. Module 3: Real Voices

    1. Module 4: Active-Allyship Action 3: Change Systems

    2. Module 4: Real Voices

About this course

  • Free
  • 14 lessons


  • Is there a cost to complete the program?

    No, there is no cost for participants to complete the Better TogetHER program.

  • Do I need to enrol or complete the program in any specific time frame?

    The program has been designed for you to access and revisit at any time, there are no timing limitations.

  • How long does the program take to complete?

    A total of 1.5 - 2 hours, at your own pace.

  • What happens following completion of the program?

    You will have access to resources to share with your organisation to start the conversation around embedding allyship.

  • How do I know if this program is right for me?

    This program is suitable for anyone who wants to be a better ally to women.

  • Can I enrol if I identify as a woman?

    Yes, this program is open to anyone who feels they may benefit from the content.

  • Does the content apply only to gender allyship or for other types of allyship as well?

    While the examples and stories are related to gender allyship, the concepts and frameworks are applicable to allyhip more broadly and therefore equip individuals to be better allies to all groups. A focused approach on active allyship with respect to gender also serves as the gateway to equally important conversations in support of other marginalised groups.

  • Do I need to be in a specific region to complete the program?

    Participants may enrol and complete the program from anywhere in the world.

  • Who can I contact for other questions?

    For program related questions, please email